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Globe Electronics Ltd

Liquid Screen Protector    Nanotechnology, Suitable for all smart phones and tablets.  Reliable protection against scratches and cracks   #GlobeElectronicsLtd #BizMalawi

Electra Sales Limited

Durable and comfortable. It's full grip helps protect your knuckles.  Truly an indispensable tool for your toolbox or workbench.  #ElectraSalesLimited #BizMalawi   For Sales...

Blue Savannah Food Court

Have you tried our Malai Chicken? It's Packed with Flavor! Join us at #BlueSavannahFoodCourt #BizMalawi   Find us along Haile Selassie Road, next to Escom (Old Alibaba place)

Rina Motors Limited

Command adventure. #SubaruOutback #RinaMotorsLimited #BizMalawi

Veg Delight

Tasty down to your last bite :D    #VegDelight #BizMalawi   Blantyre - Opposite FMB next to Hindu temple Lilongwe - Old town mall, ex serendipity

Rab Processors Ltd

What better way to escape the weather than with Chisangalalo Pure Malawian Tea. #RabProcessors #BizMalawi

Kips Restaurant

Dressed in deliciousness <3 Pancake and Ice Cream #KipsRestaurant #BizMalawi

Krazy Foods

Triple the reason to get up in the morning  #KrazyFoods #BizMalawi

KFC Malawi

Enjoy the little and big things in life #KFCMalawi #BizMalawi

Mijn Kitchen

Specials of the Day:   Breakfast:  - Mini Breakfast (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 toast) - Trio of Mini Danish Pastries   Lunch: - Chicken Pot Pie served with Salad - Vegetable Pot Pie...

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