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Globe Electronics

Have a blessed Ramadan.  #GlobeElectronicsLtd #BizMalawi

Latitude 13 Lilongwe

Guest Speaker- Zaina Mavis Kanjadza

Mijn Kitchen

Specials of the Day:   Breakfast:  - Cheese, Bacon and Egg Croissant - French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup   Lunch: - Oxtail Stew with Rice or Mashed Potatoes - Chicken,...

Royal Tiles

The Next Big Thing

Shire Limited

Masters of Consistency and Quality


Eco - Friendly interlocking bricks available

OG Electricals

Don't let power cuts ruin your evenings. #OGElectricals #BizMalawi   Contact us or visit our shops: LLW: 0 211 877 940  BT: 0 212 929 999


Celebrating Africa Day


Natural  Power- Mphamvu Zambiri

Latitude 13 Lilongwe

Guest Speaker- Jessica J. Kampanje Phiri

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