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Metro Hardware

Now OPEN in Area 4

Vita Foam

Sleep like a King

OG Electricals

Rechargeable LED Portable Floodlights can be used as emergency lights, outdoor lighting and are also Ideal for camping.    #OGElectricals #BizMalawi    For the price of the...

Bata Malawi

Gotten your children some toughees yet? Have them looking and feeling smarter.   Available at your favorite #Bata shoe store  #BataMalawi #BizMalawi

Electra Sales Limited

Control water pumping systems easily and automatically.  #ElectraSalesLimited #BizMalawi   For Sales Enquiries  BT: +265 (0) 844 200  LLW: +265 (0) 1 755 200

Kips Restaurant

Let's meet at Kips tonight. #KipsRestaurant #BizMalawi

Sky Direct

Ramadan Kareem


Moyo Wa Bwino

Latitude 13 Lilongwe

Guest Speaker- Thanda Lizzie Manduwi

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